Lumberjack Log Splitter adopts the design principles of long life, low energy consumption and easy operation, and optimizes the structure of products and components to maximize the working efficiency of the crusher. The environmental protection and energy-saving Lumberjack Log Splitter considered environmental protection issues such as equipment maintenance, depreciation of consumables and noise at the initial stage of design. The operating cost of the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient Lumberjack Log Splitter is rapidly decreasing with the scale of the industry and technological progress. Costs have been reduced, and investors are more willing to purchase affordable, reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving Lumberjack Log Splitter as the ideal equipment for production. Based on this, the environmentally friendly and energy-saving Lumberjack Log Splitter is increasingly showing its long-term development advantages.
The internal organs of Gasoline Log Splitter should actually be knives. The knives are also consumables. They must be replaced for a period of time, otherwise it will affect the output, and the output will not affect the income. In order to save money, many manufacturers will buy some low-cost shredder blades. However, from the perspective of the long-term development of the enterprise or factory, these inferior blades will cause more expenses later. If there is a problem with the inferior blade during operation, it will affect the service life of the device and even cause a greater failure. It will also delay time and cause a certain economic loss. Therefore, do not choose from the price alone, but to combine the brand and the quality and price of the blade to make a comprehensive choice.

For different needs, the suitable blade model and type are also different. Therefore, we must consider whether it is suitable for our own production needs, to avoid being unusable after purchase, so as to cause the entire production to stand still.

How to effectively reduce the noise of Lumberjack Log Splitter:

According to aerodynamics: Lumberjack Log Splitter noise propagation speed in the air is 340 meters per second at 15 ℃, Lumberjack Log Splitter production site can not exceed 340 meters from the operator, which means that we are always suffering from Lumberjack Log Splitter Noise violation. Pay attention to the processing of the noise propagation path of Lumberjack Log Splitter, which can effectively reduce the harm to our body.

Gasoline Log Splitter noise propagation pathways should be handled according to specific conditions. There are usually the following methods:

(1) Gasoline Log Splitter sound absorption processing

(2) Sound insulation treatment

(3) Vibration isolation

(4) Damping

(5) Silencer

Four Factors Affecting Price!  To buy a product, the seller wants a good quality, the price is not expensive, the seller has the total production cost, and is not willing to reduce the price, so the buying and selling is not the same!
No matter what product you buy, most people care about the price.  Since everyone cares about the price, what will affect the price of the equipment?  Log Splitter Manufacturers analyze from four aspects: price, quality, service and brand.
1. The cost of raw materials is the main price.  The main materials of the machine are steel plates and motors.  Steel plate is divided into high quality steel plate and low quality steel plate.  Different manufacturers use different models with the same thickness of steel plates.
2. Motor, although the market price is transparent, but there are differences.  The price of the national standard copper core is different from that of the national standard aluminum core.  In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers even modified the motor.  Can’t see from outside.
3. After-sales service, any equipment will not make mistakes during its service life. If parts need to be replaced, it is good, for example, the price of blade ranges from more than ten yuan to several hundred yuan.
4. Labor cost, for this kind of workpiece depends on the good side, some manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, work very hard, so there will be such defects in the process of use.
What is the price of Performance Built Log Splitter?  How can I get a good one?  One-third of the total price is one-third of the goods. You can’t always be greedy for petty gains!

With the continuous development of China’s industry, various resources have been excessively wasted, and in the process of continuous development, serious pollution has also been caused to the surrounding environment. This is the case in the wood processing industry, which not only wastes a large amount of China’s wood resources, but also makes it very difficult to treat various kinds of waste wood produced in the production process, which are often crushed and processed through stacking, landfill, incineration and other methods.  However, this has not only caused a large amount of waste of wood resources, but also caused serious pollution to the surrounding environment. However, now we can use Lumberjack Log Splitter to crush and recycle these waste wood materials. It is precisely for this reason that Lumberjack Log Splitter equipment has attracted much attention in the market.

Gasoline Log Splitter is a kind of crushing mechanical equipment, which is mainly used to reuse all kinds of waste wood through crushing and processing. It is precisely for this reason that this Gasoline Log Splitter equipment is widely used in many industries in our country.  At present, about 80% of the waste wood in our country is crushed and processed by Gasoline Log Splitter and then reused. This not only saves a lot of wood resources in our country, but also solves the problem of piling up and processing the waste wood, bringing the due utilization value of the waste wood into full play and achieving very good results.

Sometimes, when you try to make firewood, you may hate swinging with that clumsy axe.  You may think there must be a better choice.  All right.  Hiring Gasoline Log Splitter is a good choice to save time and energy.  When you get it, use it as follows:

Safety first
As usual, you will ensure safety is your first priority.  The separator should be placed on a flat surface without shaking, and work gloves and safety glasses should be worn at the beginning.

Check your equipment
Three different versions of the machine are petrol, hydraulic and wired.  No matter which model you use, you should check to make sure they are working properly.  This includes things like lubrication and having enough petrol and oil.  If you are using a wired version, make sure that the wires do not block you and do not trip you up.

Make sure there are no small branches in Lumberjack Log Splitter.  This may affect its level with the machine and cause embarrassing cuts.  If you are using an electric splitter, please lean the log to be split against the wedge, remove it from the splitter, and then press the button to operate the wedge until the log is completely split.  You will repeat this operation until you get the required number and size of cuts.

Gasoline Log Splitter is a kind of common wood processing equipment. The machine grinds wood through high-speed rotation. Long-term use of the equipment may cause various failures such as screw loosening. Here, cnsuperpower Machinery, as a professional wood processing equipment manufacturer, will introduce you the solutions to the failures of Gasoline Log Splitter:

First, the body vibration is serious:

1, hammer wear uneven, rotor out of balance, fan impeller or rotor imbalance;  The severely worn hammer or counterweight should be replaced to solve the problem of unbalanced rotation.

  1. If the fixing bolts of the frame are loose, check the fixing bolts and fastening nuts of the frame.

Second, the motor fever, fuse blown, motor smoke:

1, too much feeding, crushing chamber blockage, causing motor overload, should stop feeding, waiting to return to normal state before feeding.

2, mesh plug, crushing chamber material cannot be discharged, should stop power, open the casing cleaning sieve before put into work.

Third, output reduction:

  1. If the moisture content of raw materials is too high or the rotating speed of the pulverizer is not enough, the raw materials shall be dried or the rotating speed of the pulverizer shall be appropriately increased.
  2. the hammer piece of Lumberjack Log Splitteris seriously worn or not installed as required.  The hammer pieces shall be turned around or replaced with new ones, and the positions of the hammer pieces shall be arranged correctly according to the instructions.
  1. First of all, before selecting, we must first determine what raw materials we need to crush, then select the Lumberjack Log Splitterequipment we need according to the crushed raw materials we need, and then have a thorough understanding of whether the performance of this Lumberjack Log Splitter equipment can meet our production requirements, and see whether the working principle is reasonable, etc.
  2. There are many Lumberjack Log Splitter manufacturers in the market today, and the Lumberjack Log Splitter equipment produced is also multifarious. The quality, performance, technology, stability and other aspects of these equipment are uneven, and there are also great differences in quotation. Therefore, before selecting, we must first understand the market situation and find out the key to why the prices are different, so as to avoid being cheated.
  3. One of the key factors we have to determine before selecting is the Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturer, because different manufacturers have different production technologies and strengths, and the produced Gasoline Log Splitter equipment also has very big differences in price, quality, performance, after-sales service and other aspects.  Because Gasoline Log Splitter is a crushing type of mechanical equipment, it is inevitable that some minor faults will occur after long-term use, and this time it is time to test the after-sales service of Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturer, so we must look at the reputation, popularity, scale, etc. of this Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturer in the market, and then consider it comprehensively.

With the continuous development of the Gasoline Log Splitter industry, although it has brought great convenience to China’s industrial production, the market chaos that follows is also very obvious. Therefore, when selecting the Gasoline Log Splitter equipment, we must first understand a series of factors such as the market situation, equipment price, and manufacturer size of the Gasoline Log Splitter equipment, so as to select the appropriate Gasoline Log Splitter equipment.

Gasoline Log Splitter Blockage is a common phenomenon when we use equipment. The reason for this phenomenon is that besides improper operation of staff, there are the following possibilities:
(1) The blanking pipe of the inner shell is blocked: when the blanking pipe is blocked, the coarse material accumulated in the inner shell can overflow into the finished product of the outer shell from the return fan blade, causing the fineness of the product to suddenly become coarse.  At this time, the load of the grinding elevator will drop quickly and should be stopped immediately for investigation and treatment.  Gasoline Log Splitter and wood crusher inner shell cracking will cause the inner shell coarse material to leak into the outer shell finished product, making the finished product coarser in fineness.  In this case, the method of driving into the control panel or increasing the number of auxiliary air blades will be ineffective, and the fineness of the product is still very coarse.  At this time, stop the machine for inspection in time.  The inner shell is most prone to wear and tear at the bend of the lower cone discharge pipe. If there is any hole, it can be temporarily welded and repaired, and it will be completely disposed of when it is regularly overhauled.
(2) Irregular control panel: During the operation of Lumberjack Log Splitter and wood crusher, the control panel will also move inward or outward due to the vibration of the body, resulting in a change in product fineness.  At this time, it is also necessary to reflect on whether the external dimensions of the control panel are even so as to correct them in time.  It and wood crusher First Heavy Maintenance are inspected after the machine has been in continuous operation for one month.  Of course, this time depends on the detailed running time of the machine. After about 500 hours, clean the hand oil pump and change the hydraulic oil.  Check the pressure charged by the accumulator, and replenish nitrogen if it is insufficient.  Check the wood peeling machine and tighten the screws of each connecting part, adjust the tension of the V-belt, and then stop the double maintenance of deep maintenance.  The problems of Lumberjack Log Splitter and wood crusher V-belts, the V-belts will be too tight or loose after a long period of use, which will affect the use of the whole machine, especially on the wood processing production line in wood crusher. If the V-belts slip, there will be no way to stop the crushing process, so the whole production line will stop and bring you great negative benefits.
If there is a blockage in   Lumberjack Log Splitter, we should first learn to judge the cause of the problem and then find out the solution, which can reduce the loss caused by equipment failure.

The development of biological resources in our country is mainly based on forestry resources. Logging, timber making, and treatment of wastes and related forest byproducts are all representative work links in forest processing.  Under the background of green development, it is very necessary to deal with these by-products of forest processing.  If it is simply discarded or burned, it will not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment with harmful gases generated during combustion.
In order to treat and utilize the pruned branches, Gasoline Log Splitter is developed and designed on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technologies and in combination with China’s national conditions, aiming to provide corresponding technical support for the treatment and resource utilization of abandoned branches.  In recent years, different types of mobile Gasoline Log Splitter have been produced in our country. Diesel oil or gasoline is used as the operating power, which can be pulled to the orchard to crush the pruned branches on the spot, overcoming the disadvantages of inconvenient movement of the original electric Lumberjack Log Splitter, collection and transportation of branches for crushing, and too high cost, thus improving the guarantee for effective utilization of branches and turning waste into treasure.

Petrol wood splitting machines are widely used because of their convenience, quickness and good mobility. It is inevitable that various problems will occur in the use process. Some problems can be solved by ourselves, but we must think twice before taking action when it comes to the faults that need to dismantle the machines, because it is easy for non-workers to damage the machines.
1. It is strictly prohibited to open the feed bin to check the internal working conditions during the working process of the Gasoline Log Splitter, so as to avoid danger.  If the impeller body is found to be worn, replace it in time and find the manufacturer to repair it.  Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is strictly prohibited to make impellers without the approval of the manufacturer.
2. The tension of the transmission triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure uniform force on the triangle tape. When the motor is driven, the triangle tapes on both sides should be selected and matched in groups, and the lengths of each group should be as consistent as possible.  If you have no experience, you still need to maintain the original current. If you feel that the processing speed is slow and the motor power is small, you should adjust the motor current difference to no more than 15A.  Of course, it should be combined with the actual processing output. You should still call the manufacturer for clarification so as not to make a big mistake.
3. The upper bearing of the lumberjack’s main bearing is the traveling end and the lower bearing is the fixed end. After assembly, the pulley should be turned flexibly by hand.  It belongs to high-speed equipment in the operation of the wood crushing and processing production line, and special attention should be paid to safe production.  Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, and repair on the machine should be carried out after shutdown.  It is recommended that you ask professional maintenance personnel to solve the problems, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble the core components without the permission of the manufacturer.
After reading the above introduction, everyone must have known the disadvantages of dismantling the Lumberjack Log Splitter at will, so if you cannot solve the problem, you can seek help from the manufacturer in time, and do not dismantle and repair the machine blindly, so as not to cause errors that will affect the normal use of the machine, thus doing more harm than good.