Chipper Shredder is currently the most widely used type of shredder. It has a high volume of kilowatt-hours and good versatility. Some hammers and rotors are relatively connected. After the metal foreign matter enters the shredder, it will only break the screen, and it will not happen. Major accident, but the size of the crushed material is not uniform, and the powder is large. Its structure consists of the feeding mechanism, the crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate), and the discharge part (fan, collecting tube, dust bag) It consists of three parts. When working, the feed enters the crushing chamber from the feeding mechanism, and flies to the tooth plate under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. After colliding with the tooth plate and rebounding, it is hit by the hammer again, and at the same time on the screen surface and the hammer. Between the slices, the feed is subjected to strong friction. Under repeated impacts and frictions, the feed is gradually crushed. The crusher without a fan is discharged through the sieve by the airflow in the crushing chamber. The pulverizer with fan, after the pulverized material is drawn out from the sieve holes, the air in the mixed airflow is separated from the pulverization by a powder collecting device (such as collecting cylinder, dust collecting bag, etc.).
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