Rapid Splitter is an energy-saving Rapid Splitter. It is a general-purpose equipment for producing good wood flour (sawdust). It is widely used in papermaking, edible fungus, machine charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, high-density board, MDF, etc. Industrial production preparation section and single wood flour (sawdust) production base.

Rapid Splitter features:

Rapid Splitter (energy-saving Rapid Splitter) is an efficient mechanical equipment for the pre-process of producing wood flour. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into wood chips. It has low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity and economy. It has the advantages of good efficiency and convenient use and maintenance. It is an excellent equipment for the development of edible fungus production or the production of high-density board raw materials for particle board and sawdust board.

Log Splitter Manufacturers produced Rapid Splitter, the processing capacity is much higher than the traditional Rapid Splitter products. In use, we should pay attention to some correct ways to reduce the obstacles to production.
When processing wood, Rapid Splitter does not have any requirements for the humidity of the wood, but the humidity of the wood is not easy to be too large. If the water content is too large, the structural brittleness decreases and it is not easy to break, and the productivity and output are reduced.

During the use of Rapid Splitter, it is forbidden to enter nails, metal objects, etc., because the machine is used to sharpen the sharp blade, the blade cuts the wood material is no problem, if it enters the iron nail, causing damage to the Rapid Splitter, the card machine may also appear phenomenon.

Maintenance of Rapid Splitter is calculated for the amount of work hours completed by Rapid Splitter, that is, every time the machine completes some accumulated work, it needs to maintain the equipment of the machine parts. The use of this machine is determined by different usage conditions and processing materials. The operating load of the Rapid Splitter motor varies, and the Rapid Splitter bears different levels of burden for regular maintenance.