Each different product has its inherent advantages. What we have to do is to apply the product reasonably and give full play to the original performance of the product. Lumberjack Log Splitter can be divided into many types, its performance is also very different, the application is also more diverse, its principle and working form are also different, some are based on the performance advantages of the product itself, and some are based on the role of external forces, in order to better To understand its essence, the equipment itself can simply understand its classification through the transmission method, power size and other power forms, and can also be judged by the wood processing technology.

1. As we all know, any device can be stopped in two ways: emergency and normal. Lumberjack Log Splitter is no exception. Once the machine has problems during the shutdown process, it is necessary to start the emergency stop braking mode to reduce the damage caused by the failure. However, due to tension or other reasons, operators often make operational mistakes, thereby speeding up the damage of the machine. Therefore, the operator must be familiar with the emergency stop braking mode of the machine.

2. In order to better solve this problem, we need to understand the characteristics and specific requirements of the Lumberjack Log Splitter load. The motor drive circuit controlled by the single-chip microcomputer requires the reverse connection function of the power supply, such as a positive and negative circuit composed of a machine, or a bridge circuit composed of four transistors. When the machine needs to be braked, the control circuit switches the short circuit to the reversed state of the motor. When the motor speed drops to 0 and the motor needs to reverse, the power supply stops and the motor stops. It should be noted that the time required from the start of the reverse connection until the motor speed drops to 0 is not fixed.
3. One thing we need to know is under what circumstances Gasoline Log Splitter needs an emergency stop. After all, the use of the machine will not be smooth, and it will always fail during the shutdown. Therefore, we must first grasp the correct precautions or emergency shutdown methods, and take corresponding precautionary measures to prevent the machine from continuing to run. The second is to do a good job of testing the safety protection plan without harming the operators.