Rapid Splitter, also called Rapid Splitter, belongs to one of the wood processing machinery series products. Rapid Splitter is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, cutter head, transmission system, chassis and other parts. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor. The structure is simple, the layout is compact, the price is cheap, the work is stable, the energy consumption is low, the output is high, the quality of the wood waste is good, and the processing interest is low. It can also be used for cutting of bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and other fibrous stalk-like materials. The Rapid Splitter can also be used as raw material for the production of particle board and sawdust board high-density board. Nowadays, there are more and more Rapid Splitter manufacturers on the market, but, which one of the Rapid Splitter manufacturers knows that the cost performance is higher?

Features of Rapid Splitter

  1. Adopt four-sided blade cutter, easy to use and low interest.

2 The pressure adjustment of cutter head is controlled by hydraulic pressure, with advanced structure and reliable performance.

3 The feeding mechanism adopts stepless speed change, which has a good peeling effect on difficult-to-peel tree species such as frozen wood, bent wood, eucalyptus, oak wood, and elm.

  1. High peeling clarity, high productivity, and small wood damage.

How Rapid Splitter works

Load logs, twigs and other wood into the drum, close the feed baffle, start the machine, and run clockwise. The wood in the drum follows the operation of the machine, so that the peeling knife can peel the skin from the wood. After 15 minutes, turn off the machine, open the discharge baffle, and then start the machine and run counterclockwise for two minutes, the peeled wood can be automatically sent out from the drum. The stripping rate can reach 95%. These are the characteristics and effects of Rapid Splitter.

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