How to effectively reduce the noise of Lumberjack Log Splitter:

According to aerodynamics: Lumberjack Log Splitter noise propagation speed in the air is 340 meters per second at 15 ℃, Lumberjack Log Splitter production site can not exceed 340 meters from the operator, which means that we are always suffering from Lumberjack Log Splitter Noise violation. Pay attention to the processing of the noise propagation path of Lumberjack Log Splitter, which can effectively reduce the harm to our body.

Gasoline Log Splitter noise propagation pathways should be handled according to specific conditions. There are usually the following methods:

(1) Gasoline Log Splitter sound absorption processing

(2) Sound insulation treatment

(3) Vibration isolation

(4) Damping

(5) Silencer