The larger parts of the lumberjack’s wood splitter are also the more important hydraulic systems equivalent to the human brain, and the importance can be imagined. Next, let’s introduce the operating matters of wood splitters and the secrets of hydraulic system maintenance. I hope it will be helpful to users and friends! 1. First of […]

First, when the lumberjack is working, the operator should avoid the tangential direction of the hammer blade rotation, and do not allow gloves to feed. Hands cannot exceed the safety line, and iron and sticks are prohibited to replace hand feeding. Second, Lumberjack Log Splitter and power units should be installed sturdy. If the chipper is […]

When operating a Lumberjack Log Splitter: To give full play to the performance of this machine, the operator should not be less than 2 people; There should be no iron, stone and other sundries in the material with concrete; When working, adjust the feeding amount of the material appropriately. Too much will cause overload and […]

By using a Lumberjack Log Splitter to work, various accidents can be avoided during the work process, and sudden failures can be effectively avoided, especially in the use process, to achieve a more stable, safe and efficient use of the work, and work efficiency The better protection, the trivial work can be completed in a short […]

For any piece of equipment, when the device is completed, it must be debugged to avoid problems. So what problems should the Lumberjack Log Splitter pay attention to when debugging? Let me share with you today. 1. Before using the new machine, first open the upper cover to check the movement, the distance between the fixed […]