1. First of all, before selecting, we must first determine what raw materials we need to crush, then select the Lumberjack Log Splitterequipment we need according to the crushed raw materials we need, and then have a thorough understanding of whether the performance of this Lumberjack Log Splitter equipment can meet our production requirements, and see whether the working principle is reasonable, etc.
  2. There are many Lumberjack Log Splitter manufacturers in the market today, and the Lumberjack Log Splitter equipment produced is also multifarious. The quality, performance, technology, stability and other aspects of these equipment are uneven, and there are also great differences in quotation. Therefore, before selecting, we must first understand the market situation and find out the key to why the prices are different, so as to avoid being cheated.
  3. One of the key factors we have to determine before selecting is the Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturer, because different manufacturers have different production technologies and strengths, and the produced Gasoline Log Splitter equipment also has very big differences in price, quality, performance, after-sales service and other aspects.  Because Gasoline Log Splitter is a crushing type of mechanical equipment, it is inevitable that some minor faults will occur after long-term use, and this time it is time to test the after-sales service of Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturer, so we must look at the reputation, popularity, scale, etc. of this Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturer in the market, and then consider it comprehensively.

With the continuous development of the Gasoline Log Splitter industry, although it has brought great convenience to China’s industrial production, the market chaos that follows is also very obvious. Therefore, when selecting the Gasoline Log Splitter equipment, we must first understand a series of factors such as the market situation, equipment price, and manufacturer size of the Gasoline Log Splitter equipment, so as to select the appropriate Gasoline Log Splitter equipment.

Gasoline Log Splitter Blockage is a common phenomenon when we use equipment. The reason for this phenomenon is that besides improper operation of staff, there are the following possibilities:
(1) The blanking pipe of the inner shell is blocked: when the blanking pipe is blocked, the coarse material accumulated in the inner shell can overflow into the finished product of the outer shell from the return fan blade, causing the fineness of the product to suddenly become coarse.  At this time, the load of the grinding elevator will drop quickly and should be stopped immediately for investigation and treatment.  Gasoline Log Splitter and wood crusher inner shell cracking will cause the inner shell coarse material to leak into the outer shell finished product, making the finished product coarser in fineness.  In this case, the method of driving into the control panel or increasing the number of auxiliary air blades will be ineffective, and the fineness of the product is still very coarse.  At this time, stop the machine for inspection in time.  The inner shell is most prone to wear and tear at the bend of the lower cone discharge pipe. If there is any hole, it can be temporarily welded and repaired, and it will be completely disposed of when it is regularly overhauled.
(2) Irregular control panel: During the operation of Lumberjack Log Splitter and wood crusher, the control panel will also move inward or outward due to the vibration of the body, resulting in a change in product fineness.  At this time, it is also necessary to reflect on whether the external dimensions of the control panel are even so as to correct them in time.  It and wood crusher First Heavy Maintenance are inspected after the machine has been in continuous operation for one month.  Of course, this time depends on the detailed running time of the machine. After about 500 hours, clean the hand oil pump and change the hydraulic oil.  Check the pressure charged by the accumulator, and replenish nitrogen if it is insufficient.  Check the wood peeling machine and tighten the screws of each connecting part, adjust the tension of the V-belt, and then stop the double maintenance of deep maintenance.  The problems of Lumberjack Log Splitter and wood crusher V-belts, the V-belts will be too tight or loose after a long period of use, which will affect the use of the whole machine, especially on the wood processing production line in wood crusher. If the V-belts slip, there will be no way to stop the crushing process, so the whole production line will stop and bring you great negative benefits.
If there is a blockage in   Lumberjack Log Splitter, we should first learn to judge the cause of the problem and then find out the solution, which can reduce the loss caused by equipment failure.

The development of biological resources in our country is mainly based on forestry resources. Logging, timber making, and treatment of wastes and related forest byproducts are all representative work links in forest processing.  Under the background of green development, it is very necessary to deal with these by-products of forest processing.  If it is simply discarded or burned, it will not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment with harmful gases generated during combustion.
In order to treat and utilize the pruned branches, Gasoline Log Splitter is developed and designed on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technologies and in combination with China’s national conditions, aiming to provide corresponding technical support for the treatment and resource utilization of abandoned branches.  In recent years, different types of mobile Gasoline Log Splitter have been produced in our country. Diesel oil or gasoline is used as the operating power, which can be pulled to the orchard to crush the pruned branches on the spot, overcoming the disadvantages of inconvenient movement of the original electric Lumberjack Log Splitter, collection and transportation of branches for crushing, and too high cost, thus improving the guarantee for effective utilization of branches and turning waste into treasure.

Petrol wood splitting machines are widely used because of their convenience, quickness and good mobility. It is inevitable that various problems will occur in the use process. Some problems can be solved by ourselves, but we must think twice before taking action when it comes to the faults that need to dismantle the machines, because it is easy for non-workers to damage the machines.
1. It is strictly prohibited to open the feed bin to check the internal working conditions during the working process of the Gasoline Log Splitter, so as to avoid danger.  If the impeller body is found to be worn, replace it in time and find the manufacturer to repair it.  Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is strictly prohibited to make impellers without the approval of the manufacturer.
2. The tension of the transmission triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure uniform force on the triangle tape. When the motor is driven, the triangle tapes on both sides should be selected and matched in groups, and the lengths of each group should be as consistent as possible.  If you have no experience, you still need to maintain the original current. If you feel that the processing speed is slow and the motor power is small, you should adjust the motor current difference to no more than 15A.  Of course, it should be combined with the actual processing output. You should still call the manufacturer for clarification so as not to make a big mistake.
3. The upper bearing of the lumberjack’s main bearing is the traveling end and the lower bearing is the fixed end. After assembly, the pulley should be turned flexibly by hand.  It belongs to high-speed equipment in the operation of the wood crushing and processing production line, and special attention should be paid to safe production.  Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, and repair on the machine should be carried out after shutdown.  It is recommended that you ask professional maintenance personnel to solve the problems, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble the core components without the permission of the manufacturer.
After reading the above introduction, everyone must have known the disadvantages of dismantling the Lumberjack Log Splitter at will, so if you cannot solve the problem, you can seek help from the manufacturer in time, and do not dismantle and repair the machine blindly, so as not to cause errors that will affect the normal use of the machine, thus doing more harm than good.

Petrol wood splitting machine is a kind of wood crushing machine. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into sawdust. In terms of investment, it has less investment and high return rate. The sawdust particles after wood is cut by a cutting device are small and can be further crushed. It is very convenient. The application scope of this crusher is also relatively common.

Scope of application of Gasoline Log Splitter: gasoline wood splitting machine is suitable for crushing the following materials: miscellaneous wood, branches (both wet and dry), corncobs, leftovers, building baseboards, bark, leaves, etc.  (However, gasoline wood splitting machine is not suitable for crushing inflammable and explosive materials, which should be noted:

  1. At first, check the power socket, plug and power cord for oxygen shedding and breakage. If not, plug in the power test machine.
  2. When the motor is powered on and does not rotate, and the wheel can be turned again with a light hand, it may be caused by the failure of one of the two starting capacitors of the machine.  In this case, only new products can be replaced.
  3. Another situation is that the motor does not rotate when energized, but it can rotate when external force is applied, but a weak current noise is generated in the motor, which is caused by slight leakage of starting capacitor.  If the current noise is too high, the motor cannot be started, which may be caused by short circuit of the starting capacitor.
  4. In the absence of proper instruments, the capacitor can be removed first, and the two leads are respectively rubbed into the wire sockets of the power supply to charge the capacitor, and then the capacitor is removed to discharge the two leads in short circuit.  If a discharge spark can be emitted and loud at this time, the capacitor can be used.
  5. If the spark and noise are weak, it means that the capacity of the capacitor has decreased. It is necessary to replace it with a new one or add a small capacitor.  If the capacitor has been damaged and short-circuited, this method cannot be used, and it should be replaced with new products of the same specification.

These are the requirements that we have explained to you about the Lumberjack Log Splitter. Let’s have a look at them together.

Effectively improving the cutting power of the wood chipper can not only improve the working efficiency, but also prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce some damage problems caused by excessive fluctuation.

The Chipper Shredder can cut wood into pieces, which not only saves a lot of time, but also has a very high use efficiency. What are its functional requirements?

< 1 > the frame of wood chipper is made of cast steel with sufficient strength and rigidity.

< 2 > type 1000 reducer should be adopted, which requires high transmission power, high efficiency and low noise.
< 3 > the processing technology of the groove part of the cast steel roller of the wood chipper has been reformed. before welding the groove part, the groove should be planed before welding, and no steel bar material should be added, thus avoiding the defect that the welded steel bar material is easy to fall off and reducing the troubles of customers in use.

< 4 > the roller temperature adjustment system shall adopt an open temperature adjustment system. the roller temperature shall be adjusted by injecting cooling water into the roller mill barrel of the roller mill to meet the process requirements. the requirements are simple in structure, good in cooling effect, convenient in water temperature detection and not easy to block.

< 5 > the roller of the rapid dividing machine shall be made of cast steel, and the working face shall be welded with wear-resistant welding materials. the surface is hard and wear-resistant, the internal strength is high, bending resistance and fracture resistance are high, and axial hardening treatment is required, which requires long service life and wear-resistant capability, and overcomes the defects of roller cracking > block falling > water leakage > roller breaking after welding.

Before you use the Rapid Splitter, you need to understand its functional requirements. Some wood is not suitable for this equipment, thus saving a lot of time and preventing waste and increasing costs.

The noise impact of wood chipper during operation is indeed an annoying problem. How to reduce the noise? The following points can effectively reduce the noise.

Install wear-resistant rubber as lining board at the impact position of all damaged materials;  The transmission surface of the feeding plate and the feeding funnel and the frame shell cover damping data to reduce the radiation area of noise.  The equipment between the Chipper Shredder and the supporting structure has the data of high internal friction as the liner to reduce the transmission of oscillation.  Noise elimination channels are arranged at the discharge port of the wood chipper to prevent internal noise from radiating outwards;  Carefully balance the rotating parts of the wood chipper to reduce the gap between the conical shaft sleeve and the eccentric shaft so as to reduce the oscillation intensity.

Jiashan Superpower Tools Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer that mainly produces Rapid Splitter. The company has strong technical force, rich production experience and advanced production equipment. It mainly manages equipment such as wood machine, chipper, wood splitting machine, wood block machine, peeling groove, etc. The company strictly controls the quality of finished products, equipped with high-precision production inspection equipment, and performs production process inspection, ex-factory inspection and ex-factory quality maintenance on each ex-factory product.  Welcome new and old users to the station for consultation.

Performance The maintenance of the Performance Built Log Splitter is not just a simple check of the connection of various parts, it is also essential for its cleaning.

  1. Cleaning cycle: In general, the company cleans every processed variety, but we recommend cleaning it once a month. When cleaning, you can disassemble the machine for careful cleaning. This can extend the life of the performance Performance Built Log Splitter.

Twenty-two, corn is the best choice if it is used as a compounding material. Not only can it be cleaned more cleanly, but it can also be returned to the corresponding material according to the situation, and also used as corn. If it is used as a concentrate, it is used for cleaning wood processing equipment.

  1. Be careful not to clean with bran materials, because it is not easy to clean directly with bran materials. If you must use it, we recommend choosing a finer bran (the bran is added to the fat added to the feed. After washing, you can add it to the Used in a mixer) or bran powder and coarse stone powder are mixed according to 2: 1.

Choosing a professional Forest King Log Splitter supplier-cnsuperpower is your reliable choice.

When we buy the Forest King Log Splitter, we will install the device by checking the device manual, but some new users are using the device for the first time, so various problems will occur during the installation process. Installation will fail due to improper operation. In serious cases, the equipment will be directly damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that new users install under the guidance of professionals, and the installation steps must be kept in mind. Let’s take a look at the installation steps of the wood splitter.
1. Before installing the Forest King log splitter, you can choose the terrain according to the source of raw materials.
2. The machine is fixed to the concrete by anchor bolts. When designing the foundation, leave the ore drainage slot. The slope cannot be less than 50 °, but the user can also customize it according to the feeder and transportation equipment.
3. The motor should be installed in the opposite direction from the feed port.
4. The location of electrical equipment should be convenient.
5. Before testing the Forest King log splitter, first check whether the fasteners are completely firm.
6. Check whether there is any metal or other debris that is not easily broken in the body.
7. Check if there is proper lubricant in the bearing.
8. Rotate the rotor by hand to see whether it is normal and whether there is friction. If it is confirmed that the movement is unobstructed, you can start the car empty. After a half-hour test of the wood splitter, there is no noise, no swing, and the temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 30 ° C. Load test can be performed immediately.
The installation steps of the Performance Built Log Splitter must be strictly performed in accordance with the relevant steps. Any step cannot be ignored or the order can be arbitrarily changed. This has a great impact on further installation. It is likely that installation errors will not continue. The scene is also a relatively large damage to the device, so you must fully understand and learn the relevant content before installing the wood splitter.

Cnsuperpower to find efficient wood splitters! Speaking of Petrol Log Splitter, there are many manufacturers of tree branches, but to talk about energy-saving and efficient Petrol Log Splitters, we must talk about the Petrol Log Splitters produced by cnsuperpower. The development of cnsuperpower Petrol Log Splitter is to pursue a saving and efficient type to achieve the goal of green development. The realization of this process is by no means a temporary task, but a long-term policy. If the development of Petrol Log Splitters is important, then the economic development of Petrol Log Splitters is a requirement of Petrol Log Splitters, because the pursuit of economic and material benefits is the consensus of major Petrol Log Splitter manufacturers, and no one wants to give up Profit, doing business at a loss. However, in order to find a cost-effective development model in the development of Petrol Log Splitters, this development model of Petrol Log Splitters is consistent with the concept of sustainable development. It is also the path that Petrol Log Splitters must follow in the future.