By using a Lumberjack Log Splitter to work, various accidents can be avoided during the work process, and sudden failures can be effectively avoided, especially in the use process, to achieve a more stable, safe and efficient use of the work, and work efficiency The better protection, the trivial work can be completed in a short time, making the wood recycling work more worry-free and easy.

  1. Stable performance and high safety
    When using a lumberjack wood splitter, he will find that its performance is very stable, and it can also achieve energy-saving and environmental protection in the application process, avoiding impact on the surrounding environment, without worrying about various problems such as wasting resources. The effect is very good. Don’t worry about various sudden failures, the performance will be more stable, and the security will be guaranteed to avoid unnecessary impact on everyone.

2.Long service life
The lumberjack splitter has more stable working performance and more efficient working efficiency. It also has a more secure and reliable effect during use, especially the wear and tear of various parts is high. As long as it is used in the correct way, There is no need to worry about sudden failures, and a longer service life can be achieved. On the whole, the cost of use can be reasonably controlled and a better experience can be brought.

The lumberjack wood splitter has more stable and superior performance in work, has faster and efficient working efficiency, safety and reliability will be fully guaranteed, can avoid various sudden failures, and make wood crushing work better. Avoiding various problems in the manual workflow can also effectively reduce the use cost and achieve better work results.

For any piece of equipment, when the device is completed, it must be debugged to avoid problems. So what problems should the Lumberjack Log Splitter pay attention to when debugging? Let me share with you today.
1. Before using the new machine, first open the upper cover to check the movement, the distance between the fixed blade and the fixed blade, and the gap between the movable blade and the fixed blade is preferably 0.2mm-0.3mm.
2. Check whether the bolts at the bottom of the fixed screen are loose, then lower the upper cover and tighten the bolts.
3. The outer cross section of the main wheel and the power wheel must be on the same plane. After the belt is put on, the tension adjustment should be moderate, not too loose or too tight.
4. Before starting the machine, you can roll the pulley by hand. There must be no friction sounds or bumps during the rolling. You can turn on the machine only after it is normal. You can check the working direction to produce normally. Therefore, the debugging before the device is very important. Customers using lumberjacks must not be careless.